• Relationships with Vision

    A garden designer gets his business, his relationships, and himself back on track.

Relationships with Vision

A garden designer gets his business, his relationships, and himself back on track.

Seven years after launching his dream business Espaces Viridis, Pierre Duranleau felt he’d hit rock bottom. His business as a garden designer was going nowhere. His business partner routinely belittled his ideas and efforts. His customers constantly flip-flopped on requirements and welshed on agreements. Worst of all, Pierre was stuck on a treadmill of projects that neither interested nor inspired him. “It was sucking the energy out of me, my family and social life – my whole sense of self. I just wanted out.”

Coaching offered Pierre a space to step back, reconnect with what really mattered to him and take concrete measures to regain control over his situation. “In my very first session I saw that I’d been dumping a lot of responsibility onto those around me. I’d become so busy building up my “hapless victim” story that I’d given up taking action to turn things around. From that point on my goal in coaching was to make a difference in my situation. To rekindle my original vision and enthusiasm for my business.”

Much of the work Pierre took on in coaching centered on communication and relationship-building. “Before I started coaching I’d come to see my role as mainly technical. Come up with the right design . It was up to everyone else to live up to their part of the bargain. I came to see that my real challenge was in expressing my own expectations and needs. To set clear commitments with the people I was doing business with. Technical expertise is just the tip of the iceberg when running your own business.”

Today Pierre runs his business very differently, with strong relationships and shared goals providing the foundation to every new project. Customers recommend him for the conscientious, accommodating, knowledgeable and creative professionalism he provides each step of the way.

Since finishing up coaching in 2012, Pierre’s Espaces Viridis has been the annual recipient of Best of Houzz awards for design and client satisfaction, and this year his work is featured in the April issue of Fleurs plantes jardins magazine. “It’s amazing – I’m getting exactly the recognition and work I’ve always wanted – all because I’m clear on what I’m out to achieve and sticking to that vision.”

Pierre Duranleau

Pierre Duranleau’s strengths as a garden designer lie in his ability to capture, translate, express and facilitate his customers’ visions from the initial information gathering and conceptual phases to the actual realization of the final product, while always respecting his customers’ intentions, needs, goals and budgetary requirements. High on Pierre’s priorities, is the broader context of creating projects that are as environmentally sustainable as possible, utilizing local resources and services, while also employing seasoned, experienced and professional local experts and suppliers.  Find out more by visiting EspacesViridis.com.



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