• Why our inner conflict is hardly surprising.

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Why our inner conflict is hardly surprising.

Each of us embodies a complex blend of roles, needs, and values. Every single role, need and value we have comes with its own set of responsibilities. Its own set of imperatives. Its own set of standards. Sooner or later, as we go about our daily duties, clashes are bound to occur. 

Consider our social roles. We may play many parts as friends, parents, siblings, lovers, employees, and children. How often do your responsibilities in these different roles conflict?

Consider our physical requirements. A potent mix of needs, desires, and impulses drives each of us. Is it possible that you have eluded the havoc these incompatibilities bring? To your thoughts? With your words? In your behavior? 

And what about ethics? Each of us holds beliefs and values that, at some point, contradict one another or leave gaps in the guidance they offer. Have you ever caught yourself at the center of a crisis of conscience? A situation in which every option you can think of still leaves you looking like a hypocrite?

It's fanciful to expect that all these facets of our lives could be, of their own accord, in constant harmony. Our perception of ourselves as coherent, self-guiding individuals is an illusion. For the most part, this illusion serves us well. Yet, we are each much more like a committee of potentially competing interests. Sooner or later, these interests are bound to collide. And when they do, the responsible committee members will insist on being heard; whatever else we may have in mind.

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