Life coaching is a comprehensive process that supports the development and attainment of specific personal, professional and business goals. It may also involve or affect other aspects of the client’s life. The client acknowledges sole responsibility for all choices, actions and outcomes related to the life coaching provided under this COACHING AGREEMENT.

The coaching provided under this COACHING AGREEMENT may compliment services provided by medical, legal, financial or other qualified professionals. It is the responsibility of the client to determine if such services are required and to independently seek the appropriate guidance from a qualified professional.

Robert McFadden adheres to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.


Life coaching is provided according to the needs of the client and availability of the coach in sessions of up to 1 ½ hours long. Sessions may be in person, by phone, on Zoom, or as agreed by the client and coach.


Confidentiality of all communications in the coaching sessions will be strictly maintained to the full extent of legal requirements. All details relating to the client and third parties will be held in strictest confidence. Client information will be released only with the client’s written permission. Certain topics covered in coaching sessions may be shared anonymously and hypothetically for training, consultation and coaching purposes.


A minimum of 24 hours notification is required for canceling or rescheduling sessions. If the coach needs to reschedule a weekly session, every effort will be made to provide adequate advance notice and reschedule promptly.

This COACHING AGREEMENT may be canceled any time by either the client or coach. Final payment due will not exceed payments already received.

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COACHING AGREEMENT last updated: October 28, 2021