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Book a 1-on-1 Coaching Session

We begin with a short check-in to ensure that coaching fits your needs and expectations.  If all's good, we continue with a full coaching session in which we'll:

  • clarify your goals
  • set a roadmap of priorities for moving forward
  • identify initial steps to get started with after the session
An initial coaching session is a great way to:
  • gain a comprehensive overview of what lies ahead
  • experience what coaching is like
  • assess how my approach fits your needs

What else might be helpful to know?

How long does a complete coaching session last?
All coaching sessions are booked for 1 1/2 hours. If we're done beforehand, it's for you to choose how you'd like to use your remaining time.  If, after 1 1/2 hours, we still haven't completely wrapped up, we always have the option to take a bit more time, as best suits you. 
Where do sessions happen? What are my options?
Coaching sessions can be in person at my office, and by Zoom or phone - whichever you prefer. Consultations are by Zoom or phone only.
If I choose to continue with coaching, how frequently will we meet?

The frequency of ongoing sessions is completely up to you. I have some clients that I see weekly, some once a month or so, and some three or four times a year. It depends completely on the kind of support you are looking for in your coaching sessions.  That said, it's generally a good idea to follow up your initial session after a week or so to ensure you get off on the right foot and follow through on your coaching commitments. Your call :)...

What kind of coaching do you provide? What's your approach?
My coaching experience integrates three areas, each of which impact the others to varying degreespersonal foundation, career advancement, and business transformation. My approach begins with a simple premise: our degree of success in what we do starts with our ability to manage ourselves effectively. For details, book a free 15-minute call with me, then check out the Testimonials, Resources, and Programs below to get a sense of the possibilities.
What are your coaching fees? What are my payment options?
The fee for individual sessions is $250 (taxes included), with special package rates available for bookings of 5 and 10 sessions. If, after your initial session, you choose to continue coaching with a package, you always have the option to include your initial session as part of your package - making your initial fee payment a down payment for your package.

You have multiple payment for both initial and package sessions:

    • INTERAC e/transfer (for anyone with a Canadian bank account)
    • Credit Card (via PayPal)
    • PayPal
    • personal or business cheque (in-person only)
    • cash (in-person only)

Payment plans can be arranged for Session Packages to suit your situation. We'll work out whatever best suits your situation together, should this come up for you. A service fee of $20 CDN (taxes included) will be included for each additional payment.

As of September 1, 2022, the Province of Quebec does not provide coverage for personal and professional coaching services through it's health insurance plan. Private insurers each provide their own limitations on the services they cover, and to date I'm unaware of any that provide coverage for coaching services. If you are employed at a company that provides employee development programs - reimbursement for taking night classes or joining a gym, for example - you may be able to find help there.
I'm concerned about confidentiality and ethical standards. How do these work?
You'll find details on all session policies, including confidentiality and the code of ethics I follow, in my COACHING AGREEMENT.

To get started, reserve your Coaching Session or book a free 15-minute Coaching Consultation for more information.


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For more than 15 years, Robert has coached women and men of all backgrounds and experiences - from award-winning videographers and marketers through to novice software developers and online entrepreneurs - in mastering the skills and structures to realize outstanding results in their relationships, careers, and businesses.



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